Ramadan Mubarak Cards

Ramadan Mubarak Cards Enjoy coloring these Ramadan Mubarak cards with your children. Put them in an envelope and send them to family members or even share them with your neighbors! Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4

Ramadan Moon

Ramadan Moon Songs are important for kids to have positive associations and emotional attachments to Ramadan. Here is a great song by Yusuf Islam to help your house become more festive this Ramadan. Song by: Yusuf Islam

Day 2: Ramadan Banner

Day 2: Ramadan Banner It’s Day 9 and we’ve got two different Ramadan banners for you to choose from! You can either print a colorful Ramadan Mubarak banner or Rafiq’s Happy Ramadan banner that you get to color yourself! Download Download

Day 13: 3D Masjid Model

Day 13: 2D Masjid Model It’s Day 13 and you get to make this awesome 3D masjid! If this activity is too challenging, replace today’s activity with one of the coloring pages or other activities available on our other pages. Download by right clicking and selecting “Save Image As”: 3D Mosque Model Download

Day 17: Prayer Rug

Day 17: Prayer Rug It’s Day 17 and today you get to decorate your own prayer rug! Just download it by right clicking and selecting “Save Image As” to save to your computer and print.

Day 18: What Did I Do Today

Day 18: What Did I Do Today This is a great song that teaches kids to prioritize doing good doing the day and reflecting on their deeds. Song by: Dawud Whatnsby Lyrics: Oh the moon has comeThe day is doneThe night has covered up the sun.I have stood so often before you to prayBut… Continue reading Day 18: What Did I Do Today

Prayer Pail

Prayer Pail It’s Day 21 and you get to make your own Prayer Pail. Download the list of duas here or make your own duas: PRAYER PAIL DUAS Be creative and share pictures of your prayer pails with us by using the hashtag #RafiqRamadan! Download

Day 23: Salaam Signs

Day 23: Salaam Signs It’s Day 23 and you get to make a special sign to post on your bedroom door to remind everyone to say SALAAM! Here are samples of what other kids made. Post yours online with #RafiqRamadan to share it with us!  

Day 29: Eid Decorations

Day 29: Eid Decorations Like our Ramadan decorations? We’ve got the same ones for Eid, and more! Check out our Eid Celebrations Page for great ideas on how to decorate your home for Eid!  

Rafiq Mailbox for Daily Activity Cards

Rafiq Mailbox For Daily Activity Cards A Rafiq Mailbox is a great way to make the daily activities even more exciting by making a designated place where your child will find his/her activity card each morning. Here are some easy and creative ways to make your own Rafiq Mailbox! Share your Rafiq Mailbox on social… Continue reading Rafiq Mailbox for Daily Activity Cards