Our mission is to help empower young Muslims to develop a strong identity with confidence and resilience to set a solid foundation for all the challenges that they are yet to face. By introducing children to Rafiq & Friends, we aim to help children develop love and excitement around characters that embody Muslim-oriented characteristics, morals, priorities, and traditions. Rafiq & Friends is so much more than Islamic education – it is a source of fun, joy, silliness, laughter and self-expression through Muslim characters.


Fatemeh Mashouf is a litigation attorney living in Los Angeles, California. Before law school, Fatemeh got her undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego, with a focus on writing/poetry and elementary school education. Growing up in Southern California, Fatemeh found a passion in mentorship and community empowerment.  She found her love for children’s education as a Sunday school teacher and while mentoring young Muslim Americans struggling to juggle competing identities. Fatemeh developed Rafiq & Friends as a tool for Muslim families and as a building block for children.