What is Rafiq & Friends?

Rafiq and friends is a new and exciting edutainment series that helps children develop their identity as young Muslims with characters who they can connect with. It’s time for our children to have quality Muslim-oriented toys, books, and activities that they can connect with to bring them fun, education, and family memories.

Meet the Characters


The Sheep


The Date Palm

The Honey Bee

Faith starts at home

35 Daily Activities This Ramaḍān

Rafiq & Friends strives to make every day of Ramaḍān extra special for your child with daily unique activities. The activities start the night before Ramaḍān and continue with 4 special Eid al-Fiṭr cards.  That means your child gets 35 activities to look forward to! This Ramaḍān, your child not only learns more about Ramaḍān, the Quran, and the Prophet (saw), your child gets to connect with other Muslim kids around the world, have fun with parents, and develop life-long memories.

An Engaging Book, A Date Plate, And More!

There’s More! Your child will be actively involved in the breaking of the fast every single day with a special plate to serve dates every evening. They will also get an exclusive on-line activities that engage them in Ramaḍān fun all month long!

It’s not every day you come across a quality Muslim children’s product in English. To have a book like Rafiq & Friends that helps my daughter understand her identity as a Muslim while doing something she loves is great. We’re looking forward to doing the daily activities with her once Ramadan starts. I’d recommend to anyone who has a young person in their life to definitely get a copy.
Imam Khalid
Imam Khalid
Exec. Director & Chaplain, Islamic Center at NYU
Rafiq & Friends gives parents the opportunity to establish a narrative of festivity and celebration that our children can not only see, but touch and feel. Quite simply, it makes Eid fun!
Osman Khan
Dean of Students, New Horizons Irvine
Not only does the book have a great story line, but I love the Rafiq doll and daily activities! Rafiq & Friends is the best thing to provide Muslim children a sense of identity in the West where other religious holidays are so publicly prevalent.
Debbie Almontaser
Founder of the Khalil Gibran International Academy

I believe that there is no greater beauty on earth than the smile of a child. I hope to make every Muslim child happier and stronger with Rafiq by their side, filling their childhood with positive memories that are wholesome, beneficial, and educational.

Fatemeh Mashouf


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